CHIPPO: Golf at Home!

Chippo Golf

Most of us are at home at the moment and there’s been a lot of talk about how to practise golf with the confines of our current space.

Gila Golfers checked out the Chippo and we must say it was a whole lotta fun. Big thanks to our buddies at Buggy Mates for hooking us up with a set.

SP from Gila Golfers unboxes the Chippo!

Chippo is the viral new golf game for beach, backyard, tailgate, office and clubhouse – a patented, mind-blowing mash-up of golf and traditional backyard games! It has combined the old fashioned, beer-slugging, tailgate-dominating, sunshine-basking goodness of games like cornhole with the gentlemanly, giddiness-inducing, side-betting beauty of golf.

How to play Chippo with your buddies!

Step One:Set up the boards as depicted in the video above.
Step Two: Find three friends (or highly skilled pets) and start chipping!

Chippo Golf
Chippo can be for the short “gamers” who want to improve their chipping

Gameplay is reminiscent of cornhole, washers or horseshoes, but with some cool new twists. Flip a coin to start, winner goes first. Here’s how scoring works for 1.) Match Play; 2.) Cornhole-style and 3.) “Six Ball” scoring:

1 point: Just hit the board on a fly. Boardie. 
3 points:Drain your shot in the larger center hole. 3-Hole.
5 points: Send the ball to its home in either top corner hole. 5-Hole. 
2x points: If you’re a surgeon with a sixty degree wedge, bounce your shot off the chipping mat for double (2, 6 or 10) points. Bounce Shot. 

Note: If your shot hits the Chippo board on a fly and the ball then bounces or rolls into the 3-Hole or the 5-Hole, you do get the 3 or 5 points for getting that shot in the hole. Like golf, the ball just needs to end up in the hole. Go to your home ball. 

Where to get your set

Buggy Mates (click this link to message them).Ensure to use the promo code #gilaforechippo and you will get a discount!

  • You can rent, applicable in Malaysia only, 1 set for RM 100 for a week (a security deposit of RM 100 is required) which includes 3 balls and 1 board
  • or purchase 1 set for RM 850 which includes 3 balls and 1 board

So what are you waiting for? Get your set now and let Gila Golfers know what you think!

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