Size Does Matter


No matter what you may have heard in other walks of life, when it comes to golf grips, size does matter. The grip is the connection between your body which provides the motion and energy, and the club which transfers this energy to the ball. A good golf shot that travels straight and far is the result of an efficient and controlled transfer of this energy from the body to the ball.

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Conversely a golfer who tends to hook the ball may benefit from thicker grips as they would limit his hand action through the ball. So if you tend to hook the ball try out a thicker grip. Ask your club fitter to add some extra layers of tape under your grip or try a midsize grip.

Hand measurements don’t work.

Studies have shown that finding the correct grip size has little to do with the size of your hands. Instead it has more to do with the dynamics of your swing! In other words; your hand action through the ball. They also concluded:

“If you’re playing off-the-rack clubs with standard-sized grips, there’s only a 50% chance that these grips match what you’d be measured for in a static fitting, or what you’d actually prefer.”

So try out different sized grips and get one that fits your game and feels good in your hands. It just may be a game changer and you don’t have to make a single swing change! Next… In my next episode we shall be slicing balls. That’s right. Slicing up some golf balls.  Subscribe and like to stay updated!

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