The Sweet Spot Episode 12 – Changing The Game with Anthony Kang and David Lamprecht

We had the great pleasure of interviewing Anthony Kang, 2009 Maybank Malaysian Open champion and David Lamprecht, The ELS Club Desaru Coast Head Pro in Episode 12 of The Sweet Spot. During the show, they spoke about their lives, how Bryson DeChambeau is changing the game with his latest win at the US Open 2020, as well as how golf needs to evolve to remain relevant in this age, especially to the younger generations.

They also offered stellar advice for beginner golfers during the show by sharing their personal stories of hard work and determination for anyone who wants to be more successful in his/her golf career.

What’s been keeping you busy in the last few months apart from your pundit gigs on Fox Sports?

Anthony:​ Well, just working at our family’s grocery or convenience store. I used to live down in Phoenix when I was still playing golf quite a bit about three years ago and then I decided to kind of take a little break from golf. I’m in that transition period, in my mid-40s, looking towards the senior tour, but I don’t really have to practice as much right now. I need to start practising up in the next six months to about a year but because of that, I moved away from the warm weather and decided to come back up here and help out in the family business and so that’s where I’ve been the past six months or so ever since the lockdown started to happen.

Your biggest win was here in Malaysia at Saujana more than 10 years ago. What do you remember most about your 2009 Maybank Malaysian Open victory?

Anthony: ​Yeah, the shot of my life was the second shot at the 18th. But the thing that I remember most about that tournament especially on Sunday as I’ve never had this feeling before and I never had this feeling after for that period of time to hold back nine two and a half hours. So I felt like it was my tournament to win. I do my stuff, I take care of my business. I was the only guy that was going to win. I was in control of my own destiny and I felt like no one was going to beat me if I played the shots correctly. I’m guessing it’s a feeling that maybe Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy have often because they’re so much better than everybody else. They go out and they can feel it that they’re on their game. If they’re on their game, no one can beat them and that’s kind of what I felt for two and a half hours. Ever since then, as I said before never felt it again but that’s what really stands out for those two hours. I was under total control and nothing was affecting me.

How are things at The Els Club Desaru Coast – luckily there is no CMCO in Johor. Lessons going on well?

David:​ I’d say business is picking up. We’ve had Junior Programs that have started up. My returning students have come back and they seem to have found a new passion for it from sitting at home inside. It’s sort of lifted up the spark in Johor I would say. We’ve had a lot of golfers that have never been down here before. I think the number was something like 4,000 golfers that have been here for their first time over the past three months. So yeah we’ve been really busy which is good on the lesson side. On the golf side, the course is looking pretty good. We’re doing a bit of work on it but it’s actually looking really, really nice.

If you missed our Episode 12 live stream, you can watch it here anytime:


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