The Sweet Spot Episode 15: Tech Talk Recap

Hosts Sean Pereira and Jonathan Ponniah were back in Gila Golfers studio last Tuesday for another tee-rific episode of The Sweet Spot! Episode 15 was all about technology in golf, how it has developed over the years and the groundbreaking innovations in the game that changed the face of golf.

Joining them during the episode for the first time were Geronne Nero, Head Club Fitter and Builder of​ MST Golf​ and Chris Holden, Founder/Head Instructor of​ Chris Holden Golf Academy​. With their knowledge and enthusiasm for golf technology, they were more than ready to banter and share their perspectives on golf technology. They also shared their experiences in the golf industry and how they started their journey on becoming professional golfers.

Also during the show, Geronne and Chris revealed to the viewers what’s inside their golf bags, ranging for different drivers and putters that they usually carry to the golf course.

Before the show ended, here are some words of wisdom by Geronne and Chris for all the Malaysian golfers out there:

Chris: “Listen to your coaches and practice what they have to tell you when you go to the driving range.”

Geronne: “There are many golf facilities in Malaysia at your disposal compared to many other countries and it’s time to make use of them.”

If you missed the Episode 15 live stream and are fascinated about everything golf technology, you can watch the full video here:


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